Tips When Shopping For Commercial Deep Fryers

deep fryers

A deep fryer is an everyday kitchen appliance used for deep-frying foods. Deep frying, also called hot fat frying, is a method for cooking by rapidly submerging food in oil at very high temperatures, usually between 300 and 500 °F. The hottest oil used in this method is vegetable oil. The oil is not allowed to boil before being used in deep fryers. The hot oil is first forced into the food, then placed in a separate container for later removal, while the food cooks.

Types of Deep Fryers

An air fryer, on the other hand, uses hot air to circulate the inside of the pot while it heats up. This circulates the hot oil around the inside of the pot and keeps the contents warm. Air fryers use propane or natural gas to circulate the hot air. Although the most popular type of deep fryers is the electric ones, a manual one can also be used.

Both deep fryers and air fryers have a lid that must be used. The difference is in the way the lid is closed. An air fryer has a top lid that can be opened easily; a deep fryer has a lid that must be placed on top of a metallic cylinder that houses the heating element and a thermostat. Once the lid is open, the heating element will circulate the hot oil around the inside of the pot. To close the lid, the user must pull it off of the cylinder and the valve will dropdown. A manual deep fryer has a valve that opens when the user wants to close the lid.

Safety Features

Aside from the two main types of deep fryers, there are also safety features included in some models. One safety feature that must be present in any model is an emergency shut-off mechanism that shuts off the heating element if a sudden increase in temperature is detected. Another important safety feature is the presence of a drain tube that allows the hot oil to drain from the pot if the lid is not closed. The user should also check the drain tube for leaks or other problems before using the machine.

deep fryers

Other important safety features include a non-slip adjustable arm and a viewing window. The arm is designed to be placed near the end of the skillet and the viewing window has clear viewing. The lid must be held tightly to prevent flying objects from falling inside of the basket. Some deep fryers have side viewing windows that allow the user to watch the heat transfer to the batter.


To clean deep fryers, always rinse with cold running water and dry thoroughly before removing the lid. If there are stickiness issues, it is best to wipe down the entire inside surface using a damp cloth. After rinsing and drying, place the lid back on and replace the cap. Be sure that the chain is properly adjusted to secure the lid firmly on the unit.

When shopping for the best deep fryers, look for one that comes with a good filtration system. All traces of oil and grease must be cleaned away from the exterior parts of the food. A good filtration system is best suited for stainless steel or cast iron deep fryers. Also, look for a filtration system that is dishwasher-friendly to eliminate the need to wash the machine after use.

Another thing to consider when shopping for commercial deep fryers is the size. Choose the largest available container that will comfortably accommodate all of the required ingredients. Never forget to check out the warranty and return policy of the product you are planning on buying. You do not want to purchase a deep fryer that malfunctions after just a few uses. For added convenience, consider purchasing an oil warmer to keep your oil perfectly heated.